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16 April, 2024

Thames Charters: Embark on Unparalleled Luxury River Experiences

Thames Charters

Nestled within the bustling heart of London, the River Thames offers a unique opportunity to escape the city’s fervour. We provide an array of Thames charters that cater to a diverse range of occasions, whether it be for corporate events or a special celebration. The unrivalled perspective from the deck of a luxury yacht introduces guests to the capital’s iconic skyline in unparalleled style. Our offerings ensure that every experience is tailored to meet the sophistication and exclusivity our clients deserve.

Embracing the serene flow of the Thames, our private boat hire services allow you to create moments that anchor in memory. As landmarks such as the Houses of Parliament and the Tower Bridge glide past, our bespoke events are imbued with a sense of elegance and prestige. For those seeking to impress clients or to celebrate milestones, the calm of the river provides the perfect backdrop to forge lasting connections.

Discover the unparalleled beauty of the River Thames with our exclusive Thames charters. Whether you’re planning a luxurious corporate event, a picturesque wedding, or a tranquil sightseeing tour, our bespoke boat charters offer a unique vantage point to view some of London’s most iconic landmarks.

Indulging in luxury on the Thames isn’t simply about the destination; it’s also about the journey itself. When planning your next corporate function or marking a special occasion, the tranquillity of London’s ancient river coupled with the comfort of our well-appointed vessels ensures a voyage that’s as splendid as it is unforgettable. Experience luxury London River Thames cruises with options that epitomise the convergence of finesse and sophistication.

Types of Thames Charters

When considering Thames charters, various distinguished options cater to the gamut of events and experiences along the majestically winding River Thames. Our array of luxurious vessels provides the ideal backdrop for everything from intimate celebrations to corporate events and picturesque sightseeing tours in the heart of London.

Private Celebrations

Anniversaries, Birthdays, and More: We take great pride in hosting your private celebrations aboard our fleet. Our Private Charter Vessels embody elegance, ensuring your anniversaries and special occasions are marked with grandeur. With each vessel meticulously arranged to suit your requirements, we transform your visions into unforgettable, opulent experiences.

Corporate Events

Impress Your Corporate Clients: Our charters offer serene yet impressive settings for all types of Corporate Clients. Whether it’s for team-building exercises or prestigious gala dinners, our boats are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. We provide a tranquil environment conducive to both business and leisure, ensuring that your corporate events are both productive and memorable.

Sightseeing Tours

Discover London from the Thames: Embark upon a Memorable Sightseeing journey and uncover the historic beauty of London from a unique vantage point. Our tours are infallibly crafted to showcase the iconic landmarks lining the Thames, from the Houses of Parliament to the awe-inspiring Tower Bridge, crafting a truly memorable excursion for our guests.

Booking a Thames Charter

When organising a Thames charter, selecting the right vessel, understanding the booking process, and being aware of the pricing details are essential for a bespoke river experience.

Available Vessels

Our fleet, anchored in the heart of London, offers a select range of vessels to match the scale and style of your event. Woods Silver fleet boasts an impressive collection including the grandeur of a 61m flagship yacht, the Silver Sturgeon, suitable for large gatherings of up to 550 guests. Alternatively, The Silver Barracuda provides an elegant vintage river cruiser for a more intimate excursion along picturesque stretches of the Thames.

Reservation Process

To ensure your preferred vessel is available for your event, we recommend early booking. You may inquire or book by contacting our experienced Woods’ Silver Fleet Events Management Team. 

Pricing Details

Pricing varies depending on the vessel selected, the duration of the hire, and the specific requirements of your event. Woods’ Silver Fleet offers bespoke quotes tailored to the intricacies of your unique celebration. Hire of the Silver Darling lists transparent rates for shorter rentals, starting from a 1-hour tour to a full-day luxurious experience on the Thames, with a fixed deposit required to secure your booking.

Our Fleet

Our Fleet

Exploring the River Thames aboard our luxurious vessels at Woods’ Silver Fleet offers an unforgettable experience. We provide an exclusive selection catering to a range of events, ensuring our guests receive impeccable service and enjoy world-class facilities, no matter the weather.

The Silver Sturgeon

Exclusively chartered, our premier yacht stands as the most substantial passenger craft navigating the heart of London, voyaging from Westminster to Greenwich. Its expansive open-air top deck offers unparalleled views for guests to enjoy iconic landmarks like the London Eye, St Paul’s Cathedral, and Tower Bridge. This grand vessel accommodates anywhere from 50 to 550 guests, providing a regal setting for any gathering.

The Silver Barracuda

A splendid vintage cruiser, the Silver Barracuda showcases an authentic Art Deco interior adorned with luxurious fabrics from Osborne & Little. This elegant yacht caters to 200 guests for standing receptions or up to 140 for seated dining affairs. Experience the exclusivity of your private river yacht, offering ample space and meticulous service, perfect for any grand event.

The Silver Darling

Ideal for sightseeing, that unforgettable proposal, or transporting you to your preferred riverside dining or music location, our 12-seater river taxi, The Silver Darling, provides the most stylish and uninterrupted way to traverse London.

Woods Quay

Emerging, Phoenix-like, from the footprint of an original Victorian pier, Woods Quay presents a splendid 21st Century gateway to your awaiting vessel, or as a spot to stop, dine, drink, and relax. Honoured with a RIBA award and celebrated as an engineering marvel, Woods Quay is perched above the Thames, gracefully ascending and descending with the tide. It serves as the long-anticipated home of Woods’ Silver Fleet.

Catering and Amenities

Catering and Amenities

We are proud to offer a sumptuous array of catering choices and amenities to ensure that your voyage with us is as comfortable as it is memorable. Our expertly crafted menus and fully equipped facilities are designed specifically to elevate your Thames charter experience to new heights.

Gastronomy Experience

Our culinary offerings are a feast for the senses, meticulously prepared to please every palate. Gourmet Food options range from sophisticated canapés to elegant formal dining, featuring the finest ingredients and prepared on-site to guarantee freshness.

Onboard Facilities

We take great pride in the standard of our onboard facilities that serve to complement your dining experience. Fully stocked bars offer an extensive range of Drinks, from premium Soft Drinks to the finest varietals in our wine selection. Should you desire a warm beverage, our Coffee offerings include a selection of premium blends and barista-quality preparations.

  • Dining Areas: Equipped with stylish Tables, Cutlery, and Glasses, our dining areas are impeccably set to create an elegant atmosphere fitting for any occasion.
  • Comfort: Each vessel is designed with your comfort in mind, ensuring that whether you are engaged in dining, socialising or simply soaking in the sights, every moment on board is an experience to cherish.

From the very moment you step aboard, we assure you that every aspect of your Thames experience—be it the food, the drink, or the facilities—exudes elegance and sophistication, befitting the grandeur of the river itself.

Special Event Planning

When we consider planning a special event, our attention to detail and passion for creating memorable experiences shine through. The Thames offers a picturesque backdrop for a variety of celebrations, from corporate events to luxurious parties. We take pride in our bespoke booking proposals, ensuring that your occasion is as unique as it is splendid.

For Corporate Events:

Our Events Management Team, with the expertise of professionals excels in transforming your business gatherings into prestigious Thames cruises. Every corporate function is tailored to your company’s brand and ethos, guaranteeing an impressive and effective event.

For Parties:

Our speciality lies in crafting parties that resonate with luxury and exclusivity. Collaborating with us means delivering an event that exceeds expectations—be it thematic décor, entertainment, or fine dining—every aspect is handled with finesse.

  • The Bespoke Booking Proposal:
    • Comprehension of your vision
    • Selection of the ideal vessel
    • Personalisation of theme and décor
    • Coordination of entertainment and catering

Utilising our tailor-made approach, we’re dedicated to sculpting an event that is not only exceptional but also reflective of your desired ambience. Our bespoke services, infused with our commitment to excellence, ensure that every detail is perfected—for an event that remains etched in memory.

Enhanced Experiences

Our Thames charters offer more than just a simple boat ride; they’re curated experiences designed to captivate and delight. We provide entertainment and themed cruises that ensure every journey with us is nothing short of extraordinary.

Entertainment Options

We take pride in our diverse array of entertainment options. Our guests can revel in the presence of a skilled DJ igniting the dance floor with vibrant beats, or they may prefer a live performance from a talented guitarist strumming melodies that resonate with the soul of London. Each entertainment choice is tailored to elevate the atmosphere and create truly memorable moments on the Thames.

Guest Comfort and Safety

When it comes to Thames charters, our guests’ comfort and safety are paramount. We take great pride in ensuring that every detail, from state-of-the-art safety equipment to amenities that ensure a pleasurable journey, is meticulously addressed.

  • Safety Features: Safety is the cornerstone of our service. Each vessel in our fleet is equipped with life jackets, safety rafts, and emergency communication devices. The crew is professionally trained in emergency protocols to safeguard your well-being.
  • Facilities:
    • Heating: To keep you cosy, even on brisk days, our onboard heating systems maintain an optimal temperature.
    • Toilet: Spacious and clean lavatories are available for your convenience.
    • Air-Conditioning: During warmer seasons, our air-conditioning ensures a cool and comfortable setting.
  • Onboard Amenities:
    • Kitchen Facilities: Gourmet experiences require top-notch kitchen facilities, which we provide for exquisite catering.
    • Wifi: Stay connected with complimentary onboard Wifi.
    • USB Charging: Keep your devices powered up with our accessible USB charging stations.

Our crew will make all necessary arrangements to ascertain a truly splendid journey on the River Thames, where your safety is seamlessly integrated with comfort within our luxurious charter experience. From the moment you board until you disembark, our commitment to excellence serves as the foundation for a tranquil and secure adventure on the water.

Destinations and Landmarks

Destinations and Landmarks

Embarking on a charter along the River Thames with us, you’ll encounter an array of breath-taking landmarks that capture the essence of both the historical and the vibrant contemporary culture. Sailing from the Heart of London, you are greeted by a panorama that boasts iconic fixtures such as the Houses of Parliament, crowned by the resplendent Big Ben, and the architectural nobility of the Tower Bridge.

Below are some distinguished landmarks you might savour on our cruises:

  • London Eye: This modern marvel offers an observational vista of the capital.
  • The Shard: Behold London from the heights of Western Europe’s tallest building.
  • HMS Belfast: A historic glimpse into Britain’s naval heritage.

Each cruise is an invitation to luxuriate amidst the grandeur and pageantry that is quintessentially British. We take great pride in showcasing the splendid array of vistas that our route beholds, ensuring every moment spent with us on the Thames is etched in memory—imbued with the spirit of sophistication and splendour.

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