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Nurturing the Thames and our natural environment with creativity & intelligence

Although Woods Quay is located within the very heart of one of the world’s busiest cities, London, we are also deeply connected to the natural world through tides and seasons.This makes us passionate about sustainability and reducing our impact on the Earth, thus we are continually working with suppliers and new innovations.

A summary of our latest sustainability improvements for 2023-24.

Table arrangement at Woods Quay


The vessels of the Silver Fleet and Woods Quay were entirely constructed within the South of England, using generations-old shipyards and skills. Specification for build is always British Steel, wood sourced in the UK, carpets and upholstery are woven from natural materials.

A truly long life investment, our vessels are designed and built to last 75-100 years. With annual inspections and regular maintenance at local shipyards and the Marine Coastguard Agency.

Woods Quay features a vast green sedum roof offering biodiversity, reducing rain run off and a creating an insulated roof to the East Wing, West Wing and Cormorant Deck below.


The Silver Fleet is now powered by the alternative diesel fuel, Shell GTL derived from natural gas, which burns more cleanly than conventional crude oil-based diesel. This reduces our local central London emissions. Shell GTL is classified as non-toxic, odourless, readily biodegradable and has a low hazard rating.

We use Octopus Energy who are 100% green, with electricity only coming from renewable, sun, wind and water. The majority of our light bulbs are low energy LED. Woods Quay is entirely lit by LED with dimmable settings.

Sustainable LED lighting at Woods Quay
Woods Quay on River Thames - Unique venue and events

GalLey & Bars

Our Head Chef, Marcus Cunningham, can offer plant-based, ultra low carbon menu design, making carnivore an option and vegetarian/ vegan the desirable main dishes.

We principally use Lake District Farms producing beef and lamb far lower than the UK average carbon offset. Our chicken is proudly Soil Association certified organic. We ensure zero waste, using breast for our seated menus with the remainder used in canapes and sauces. Our only menus feature Marine Conservation Society & Marine Stewardship Council accredited fish species.

Our edited UK drinks supplier list features extraordinary innovation in net zero production.

Event Planning

Our team of experienced event planners can offer sustainability advice to make your private charter with us completely energy efficient cruising with the tide, low energy menus and recyclable / reusable styling.

We have an inspiring, low-emissions event design for each fleet vessel and Woods Quay featuring innovations such as plant-based menus, a cruising route based on tidal flow energy and biodegradable interior styling.

Winter cabbage - Woods Quay
Woods Quay outline drawing

Woods Quay

Silver Sturgeon outline drawing

Silver Sturgeon

Silver Barracuda outline drawing

Silver Barracuda

Silver Darling Outline Drawing

Silver Darling

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