Silver Darling at the Houses of Parliment
Wood Silver Fleet roundel in sand colour

Silver Darling

Perfect for site-seeing, that special proposal or to transfer you to your favourite riverside restaurant or music venue, our 12 seater river taxi, The Silver Darling, is the sleekest way to travel through London, traffic free.

Silver Darling at Woods Quay

A spot to relax

The back deck, complete with upholstered lounge seating, offers a spot to relax in warmer weather with a drink in hand.

The sleekest way to travel

A warm indoor cabin with butter-soft leather seating and a self-serve bar provides a cosy space from which to watch London’s riverscape sail by.

Relax on the Thames aboard the Silver Darling
Water Taxi in Style
Your Private Charter
Relax on the Thames
A sleek way to travel
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Explore Silver Darling

Silver Darling floor plan

Outside deck

Comfortable outside deck with
upholstered seating which can be
enjoyed in fine weather with the
wind in your hair and cocktail in hand.


Extra butter soft leather seating for
your party of up to 12

Wheel house

The wheelhouse is a compact
space, offering a commanding view
of the surrounding waters.


The cabin also features an ice box
ready to stock with your desired
Champagne, beers or mocktails.

Private cabin

The warm, indoor cabin by
renowned British furniture
designer, Matthew Hilton, features
butter soft leather seating and
Black Walnut woodwork.

The Warm, Indoor Cabin

Butter Soft Leather Seating

Perhaps choose to cruise languidly through this majestic city while taking in London’s most famous landmarks

Your Bespoke Voyage

London Top Moorings

Silver Darling is the sleekest way to travel from central London to popular riverside destinations in under 30 minutes

Traffic Free Transport

Natural, Warm, Inviting Colours Of The Interior

The Silver Darling offers the perfect way to relax on the Thames

Enjoy London’s Wonderful Architecture

Both Historic And Cutting Edge

The ideal place to be on any route you choose between the green upriver banks to the industrial landscape of Thames Barrier

London's Best Known Landmarks

Cruise along in Luxury

Embark on a luxurious journey along the Thames and behold the splendour of London's iconic landmarks.

Our fleet

With the River Thames as your private playground, an event at a Woods' Silver Fleet venue, is the perfect solution for the grandest of days.

Woods Quay outline drawing

Woods Quay

Silver Sturgeon outline drawing

Silver Sturgeon

Silver Barracuda outline drawing

Silver Barracuda

Silver Darling Outline Drawing

Silver Darling

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