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18 March, 2024

Corporate Boat Hire: Exclusive Venues for Business Events on the Thames

Opting for corporate boat hire is a sophisticated and memorable choice for any professional occasion; it embodies both the grandeur of London and the exclusivity your event deserves.
Corporate Boat Hire

In the corporate world, we understand the importance of making a lasting impression. Whether it’s reaching out to new clients, rewarding employees, or celebrating successes, we believe in creating events that stand out.

Opting for corporate boat hire is a sophisticated and memorable choice for any professional occasion; it embodies both the grandeur of London and the exclusivity your event deserves.

There’s a certain allure to hosting a soiree on the iconic River Thames, with the city’s skyline unfurling as a backdrop – it’s an experience that remains etched in the minds of your guests.

Our fleet of luxurious vessels offers the perfect setting for a myriad of corporate events. From product launches to annual gatherings, we’ve mastered the art of curating events that epitomise elegance and professionalism. The tranquil waters of the Thames provide a serene escape from the bustling city life, allowing meaningful connections to be made amidst the calm.

At Woods Silver Fleet, we pride ourselves on delivering bespoke experiences tailored to your company’s specific requirements. Our dedicated team ensures every detail is in place, from delectable catering options to the selection of entertainment, reflecting your brand’s prestige. With our hands at the helm, your corporate event transpires into a seamless blend of business and pleasure, bound to leave a remarkable impression on all who attend.

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Understanding Corporate Boat Hire

As we explore the concept of corporate boat hire, particularly in London, it’s vital to understand the fundamental aspects and benefits it entails. This exclusive option offers businesses a unique setting for events and gatherings, setting a sophisticated tone for dealings and entertainment on the iconic River Thames.

Basics of Boat Hire

For companies interested in corporate boat hire, it’s essential to grasp the logistics of hiring a vessel. Our boats come complete with crews who ensure that your event runs smoothly, managing every detail from navigation to service. The boat sizes available for hire can accommodate various group sizes, from small, intimate gatherings to large company-wide events. The legal criteria for such hire are stringent, guaranteeing that each boat is fit for purpose, ensuring safety, reliability, and ease of maintenance.

Advantages of Corporate Boat Hire

Opting for a boat hire for your corporate event in London comes with a plethora of advantages. Firstly, it provides a distinctive setting that is bound to leave a lasting impression on clients and colleagues alike. Engaging and unforgettable, events on a private boat showcase one’s product or service in a setting that is far from traditional. It creates the perfect backdrop for product launches, as having an event on the River Thames keeps your offering in the audience’s mind. Additionally, such a venue offers privacy and exclusivity, allowing for uninterrupted business discussions and networking in style. The magnificent views of London’s skyline add an element of elegance to the occasion, as seen in the services provided by Woods Silver Fleet.

Our carefully curated fleet ensures that every event is tailored to the highest of standards, reaffirming our commitment to professionalism and luxury. By choosing Woods Silver Fleet and the River Thames as the setting for your corporate event, you are not merely hiring a boat; you are creating an unparalleled experience.

Planning Your Corporate Event on the Thames

Planning Your Corporate Event on the Thames

When we consider orchestrating an unforgettable corporate event, the River Thames offers a backdrop that is both iconic and inspiring. The London skyline serves as a majestic canvas, ensuring our event is etched in the memories of our guests.

Event Types Suitable for Boat Hire

  • Conferences & Meetings: Transform the usual boardroom setting into a stimulating environment that promotes creative thinking.
  • Team Building: Utilise the flexibility of a boat venue to host various activities that foster collaboration and camaraderie amongst colleagues.
  • Product Launches & Celebrations: Launch your newest venture with the elegance of London’s river and skyline framing your event, making a bold statement in the hearts and minds of all in attendance.

Selecting the right type of event for boat hire is pivotal. Our offerings cater to various corporate functions, each enhanced by the unique setting provided by the Thames.

The Importance of Location

The River Thames: A prime location that flows through the heart of the city, presenting an ever-changing view of the iconic London skyline. The sweeping vistas are complemented by key landmarks, which include:

LandmarksViews From The Boat
The ShardA towering spectacle
The Tower BridgeAn architectural marvel
The London EyeA panorama of the cityscape
The Importance of Location

Our guests’ experience is heightened by these sights, enriching their perception of the event and London itself. The Thames not only provides a dynamic locale but also an accessible one, ensuring the proceedings commence without a hitch.

Selecting the Right Vessel

When planning a corporate event on the water, the choice of vessel is paramount in setting the tone and ensuring your guests’ comfort. We’ll explore the fleet options and what you should consider for a truly bespoke experience.

Types of Boats Available

Traditional Riverboats: Ideal for larger functions, these boats often channel a classic charm, with ample space for dining, presentations, or socialising. They offer a unique view of cityscapes, perfect for impressing clients or rewarding employees.

River Yachts: For a more intimate and upscale setting, selecting a luxury yacht promises sophistication. It’s a great fit for exclusive gatherings or high-end corporate meetings, providing an unrivalled level of comfort and style.

Catamarans: These are a perfect middle-ground if you’re looking to combine stability with space. Their dual-hull design makes them well-suited for casual events, workshops, or team-building exercises.

Sailing Vessels: Embrace the wind with a selection of sailing boats that add an element of adventure to your event. This choice is ideal for more active corporate groups that appreciate an outdoorsy edge to their activities, however these vessels cannot travel past London Bridge.

Private Charter Vessels

For a truly tailored event, private boat hire ensures every detail aligns with corporate identity and event goals. We’ll assist in finding the right private charter vessels, meticulously selected to reflect the essence of your event. The privacy offered by chartering ensures that discussions remain confidential and the atmosphere stays exclusive.

Each boat within our charter fleet is expertly crewed and well-appointed with top-notch facilities to cater to your specific needs, from the latest AV equipment for presentations to gourmet catering for dining. Whether it’s for networking, celebrating, or strategising, we provide vessels that complement the event’s purpose, ensuring that efficiency and luxury go hand in hand.

Event Customisation and Decor

Event Customisation and Decor

When hosting corporate events on the Thames, we take pride in offering exceptional customisation and meticulous attention to decor that ensures each occasion is as unique as our clients’ needs.

Tailor-Made Events

We believe every corporate event should capture the essence of our client’s brand and vision. Our bespoke approach to tailor-made events allows for every aspect of the occasion to be carefully crafted. From selecting the ideal event space on one of our exquisite vessels to finessing the minute details of the event itinerary, we commit to realising your envisioned event down to the last detail.

Decoration and Ambience

The decoration and ambience of an event set the stage for creating memorable experiences. We are dedicated to transforming our boats into your envisioned venue with the right mix of elegance and sophistication.

  • Table settings and linens: Choose from a range of styles to complement your corporate branding or event theme.
  • Lighting: Soft and ambient or bright and vibrant, the lighting is adjusted to create the perfect mood.
  • Floral arrangements: From bold centrepieces to delicate accents, flowers add a touch of natural beauty to the setting.

By carefully considering each element of decor, we ensure that the atmosphere reflects the exclusivity and luxury that your event deserves.

Catering and Entertainment

In the realm of corporate events, catering and entertainment are not merely amenities—they are essential elements that define the experience. Aboard our elegant cruises, we pride ourselves on offering exquisite gourmet dining and high-quality entertainment that impeccably complement the stunning views of the Thames.

Gourmet Dining and Lunch Options

Our culinary offerings reflect the sophistication and style of your event. We source high-quality, seasonal ingredients to create delectable menus that suit a variety of tastes. Options range from formal seated meals to more casual, buffet-style lunches. Passionate about flavours and presentation, our chefs ensure that every dish served is a celebration of taste and a testament to elegance.

DJ, Music, and Live Performances

Entertainment on board is pivotal in setting the right mood for your event. We collaborate with the finest DJs, bands, and performers who are adept at creating the perfect ambience for your corporate gatherings.

  • DJ Services: Our DJs are equipped with state-of-the-art sound systems and can curate music lists that resonate with your event’s theme.
  • Live Bands and Performers: From jazz ensembles to classical quartets, the live performances will be tailored to enhance the atmosphere of your cruise.

By integrating superb dining experiences with stellar entertainment, we ensure that your corporate event aboard our vessels is nothing short of remarkable.

Corporate Events and Conferences

Corporate Events and Conferences

For high-profile meetings and prestigious conferences, there’s nothing quite like the fresh perspective gained from a serene river backdrop. We create an environment conducive to focus and innovation.

Hosting Meetings and Conferences

Conducting meetings and conferences aboard our fleet offers a blend of professionalism and tranquillity. Our vessels are equipped with state-of-the-art audio-visual technology to ensure that presentations flow seamlessly. Clients can choose from a range of private hire boats on the Thames, each providing a distinctive setting for corporate events of any size.

Product Launches and Brand Events

Product launches and brand events require a unique stage to captivate audiences and leave a lasting impression. Our fleet provides an exquisite canvas for these occasions, enabling us to tailor the experience to each brand’s individual narrative. From intimate gatherings to grand unveilings, the flexibility of our vessels makes them ideal for creating unforgettable experiences, enhanced by the views along the River Thames.

Rates and Enquiries

We recognise that understanding the intricacies of charter rates and making an enquiry are pivotal stages in planning your corporate events. Whether for summer parties or client entertainment, our focus is on providing transparent and customisable options.

Understanding Charter Rates

Our rates for corporate clients are tailored to provide an exceptional experience aboard the finest vessels on the Thames. For a summer party or formal gathering, Woods Silver Fleet offer a variety of packages that can be customised to fit your event requirements and budget. Here’s a brief outline of what might affect your charter rates:

  • Duration: The length of your cruise
  • Vessel: Choice of boat and its capacity
  • Time of Year: Peak season typically during summer
  • Additional Services: Catering, entertainment, and decoration

Making an Enquiry

To initiate an enquiry for our esteemed Thames vessels, we’ve made the process quite straightforward. Please follow these steps to reach us:

  1. Visit our enquiry page and provide us with your event details.
  2. Include any specific requests for your corporate function.
  3. Our team will then create a bespoke quote tailored to your needs.

For a swift and detailed response, we encourage providing as much information as possible about your intended event. This includes the desired date, number of guests, and the type of event you are hosting, to ensure our proposal meets all your expectations.

Key Locations along the River Thames

Key Locations along the River Thames

As we sail the River Thames, we experience the grandeur of London’s prime landmarks. Our journey includes the profound history and impressive skylines that are quintessential to London’s character.

Tower Bridge to Canary Wharf

Glide with us under the iconic Tower Bridge, an emblem of London’s historical ingenuity, leading towards the bustling financial district of Canary Wharf. This stretch includes the modern marvel of The Shard, which pierces the London skyline with its impressive height.

Historic Sites and the London Skyline

Our voyage showcases a tapestry of London’s history; The Tower of London, standing as a timeless sentinel, offers a glimpse into our royal and mediaeval past. As we drift further, the striking silhouette of The London Eye graces the horizon, a modern contrast against the city’s ancient backdrop.

Adding the Finishing Touches

When curating an event on the Thames, final touches such as capturing the moment and seamless accessibility make a significant difference. We focus on perfecting every detail to complement the iconic backdrop of the London skyline.

Photography and Filming Considerations

In orchestrating a Thames event, filming and photography are critical for memorialising the occasion against the moving tableau of London’s illustrious landmarks. Our team ensures that:

  • Lighting: The ambient and artificial lighting is balanced to enhance the natural grandeur of your event while spotlighting key moments.
  • Permissions: We manage all necessary consents to guarantee your filming aligns with local regulations, preserving the sanctity of your memories.

Accessibility and Transport Options for Corporate Boat Hire

We recognise the importance of providing effortless transport solutions for all attendees. Our commitment involves:

  • Location Connectivity: Our docking locations are strategically chosen for optimal connectivity to London transport links, facilitating smooth arrivals and departures.
  • Assistance: We offer assistance to ensure every guest’s needs are met, from step-free access for those with mobility requirements to personalised transport arrangements.

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