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Piers & Cruising

When you charter one of Woods’ Silver Fleets’ luxury venues, the length and route of your cruise from Chelsea to Greenwich is personally tailored to your needs, by your captain. Almost every pier along this central part of The Thames is accessible for you and your guests, as part of your journey.

This bespoke river route service, means that logistical travel problems are easily solved, with the ability to pick up and drop off guests at any stage along your route.

Cruising on the River Thames

Views of London’s most famous and prestigious landmarks are unrivalled from The River Thames, adding a unique and impressive element to your event. Sailing down the river with uninterrupted views of such historical wonders as The Houses of Parliament and The Tower of London, along with the more modern architectural displays like The London Eye and The Shard, just emphasises what a wonderful experience it is to cruise on a Woods’ Silver Fleet vessel. Be accompanied by riverside projections, branded lighting, fireworks, your own soundtrack created by a world-class DJ, or a personalised river map.

Piers on the River Thames

Offering embarkation & disembarkation from most central London piers, we also have priority access to The Savoy Pier. Privately owned by Woods’ Silver Fleet, with no commuter or public access, The Savoy Pier is centrally located in the heart of London, and offers a wide range of local transport links, as well as direct access to The Savoy Hotel.

The Thames - River Map

Other accessible piers along The River Thames

  • Blackfriars Pier
  • St Katherine’s Pier
  • Canary Wharf Pier
  • Savoy Pier
  • Chelsea Harbour Pier
  • Tower Pier
  • Greenwich Pier
  • Trinity Buoy Wharf Pier
  • London Bridge City Pier
  • Wapping Pier
  • Malthouse Terrace Pier
  • Westminster Pier
  • Milbank Pier
  • Waterloo Pier
  • Putney Pier