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The Woods’ Silver Fleet of luxury yachts on The Thames, provide event venues like no other available within the UK’s capital. Over the last 60 years Woods’ Silver Fleet has established a reputation for hosting unrivalled corporate and private events on the river. It’s the Woods’ family’s unswerving attention to detail, along with impeccable service, precision engineering and sumptuous design which sets these venues apart.

The Woods’ family have always shown a passion for what they believe in. This is evident in their luxury river yachts, and the service and surroundings they have chosen. The fabulous service they offer, the most wonderful selection of foods for diners, and their passion for the River Thames. All of these elements are perfectly showcased in the purpose-built event spaces of Woods’ Silver Fleet – The Silver Sturgeon, The Silver Darling and royal barge, The Royal Nore.

Woods’ Silver Fleet are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible afloat, aligning themselves with the best of current British and global design. The most highly regarded architects, fashion designers and artists have all been commissioned to create bespoke details onboard the Woods’ Silver Fleet. This passion for design and creative detail, combined with the latest technology, audio-visual presentation, screening and lighting systems, means that The Woods’ Silver Fleet have all the essentials of a fantastic corporate or private events venue, with the added bonus of an unrivalled location on The Thames.

Space and light are bywords for the modernist-inspired interiors of Woods’ Silver Fleet’s luxury river yachts. These onboard venues are vast, harnessing the glittering natural light reflected from the shimmering waves atop the river outside. With open plan spaces larger than many ballrooms of land-based venues, you can charter any of the Woods’ Silver Fleet for any type of event. From an intimate dinner for two, to a product launch for several hundred guests, each individual venue provides a flexible, blank canvas ripe for transformation by our dedicated events team.


“Wood’s Silver Fleet are perfectly positioned – that’s anywhere on The Thames then.”

The River Thames and it’s banks are one of the capital’s greatest assets. This world class water way is the life blood of London, it’s heart and soul. From Westminster’s Big Ben and Houses of Parliament, past the National Theatre, London Eye, Shakespeare’s Globe, Tate Modern and Tower Bridge down to the futuristic dome of the O2 at Greenwich, this is one of the greatest urban waterfronts in the world.

MAP IT OUT – invent your own timetable

When you charter a Woods’ Silver Fleet luxury yacht, the length and route of your cruise from Chelsea to Greenwich is individually tailored to your needs. This is all arranged by your captain. With almost every pier along the River Thames available throughout your journey, this bespoke river route service, means that logistical travel problems are easily solved. Embarkation and disembarkation points can be suitably scheduled, with individual guests boarding and departing as and when they choose. In addition, our privately owned pier opposite The Savoy Hotel, provides a prestigious pick up and drop off point for your guests, with no commuter or public access.

Woods are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible afloat, and continue to seek associations with the best of current global design. Their latest partnership provides the concept for a sleek, futuristic river yacht – an out of this world gem of architecture, with beautifully smooth lines and aqua bright colours, set on the water.


The Woods’ Silver Fleet have led the way by introducing bespoke design and architectural affiliations that cannot be matched in the City of London. An element of gilt edged glamour has been introduced to this sparkling waterway by the passion that the Woods’ family have shown to their vocation and their clients. It was Design Director, Kate Woods who first used Damien Hirst’s signature multicoloured spots to clad a vessel. A design element which has now become synonymous with cool design on The Thames.

Kate has also introduced fashion designer Tristan Webber to Woods’ Silver Fleet interiors, alongside Swarovski crystal, Jo Malone scents and candles, and Matthew Hilton’s bespoke furniture. Never before has the world of fashion and design been so brilliantly displayed on the water.


Capacity 550 people – architecturally designed with chic and cool in mind – this is The Silver Sturgeon – the flagship vessel of the Woods’ Silver Fleet.

A 21st century river yacht, The Silver Sturgeon’s interiors and decks have been created by leading British designers and architects to give an abundance of space and natural light.

The main internal deck of The Silver Sturgeon is vast. Imagine yourself on centre court at Wimbledon, and then multiply that by three and you get a glimmer in your mind of the expansive area that this internal deck covers. Onboard there are no concessions to the staid traditions of the more ordinary nautical designs. An elaborately sculptured staircase  sits centre point of the deck, with illuminated glass stair treads, it brings the glamour of a bygone era completely up-to-date. The lighting onboard, which has been designed by the internationally renowned, Sally Storey, is a sophisticated system that gives the most flattering of effects around the deck.

Panoramic windows are the perfect viewing vantage point for the fitted tan leather booth seating. Beautiful views of a wonderful city can be experienced whilst dining, or escaping the frivolity, to take a quiet moment to savour the elegant architecture that adorns the banks of the river. Warm honey tones incorporated into the upholstery and carpet designs, compliment the seating plan throughout, whilst, natural woods, glass and chrome have been especially chosen to provide a most adaptable backdrop to your desired, personal touches. This makes the Woods’ Silver Sturgeon the perfect venue for you to transform into anything you want it to be.


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seated dinner standing theatre style
ensign room 130 250 -
river room 310 300 300
outside decks - 300 -
full boat 440 550 300

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Capacity seated 12 – quietly bespoke – this is The Silver Darling – a luxe 15 metre high-speed river taxi.

When London’s calling, there is no faster means of transportation than across the waves of the River Thames. The Woods’ Silver Darling provides the smartest and most fashionable way to travel from the centre of London to popular destinations further afield, with the many piers along the Thames used for easy disembarkation.  With the most desirable interiors designed by Matthew Hilton and a state of the art sound system onboard, the Silver Darling really is the most exquisite mode of transport for the lady and gent around town. Added to these luxuries are a limited edition diamond-dusted Damien Hirst piece of artwork, along with cut crystal Swarovski luminaries, all wrapped up in this intimate package of speed and beauty.

Travel to a business meeting at Canary Wharf, or a concert or event at the 02 Arena. There is only one way to do this, and that is in the privacy and style that the Woods’ Silver Darling affords to its clients. A well organised short journey, can become the perfect aperitif for the main event, as a booking on the Silver Darling comes with the option of self-serve drinks and nibbles supplied by Fortnum & Mason.


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capacity 12

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Capacity 30 – by Royal command – this is The Royal Nore – our official Royal barge on the Thames since 1971.

Exclusively chartered by Woods’ Silver Fleet, The Royal Nore offers a contemporary, yet regal river experience. As her name suggests, The Royal Nore, renamed in 1971 with the gracious consent of Queen Elizabeth II herself, is beautifully appointed with cherry wood panelling and bespoke furniture throughout. Lunch or dinner onboard provides the perfect ‘Best of British’ experience, as The Royal Nore glides down the River Thames offering its guests glorious panoramic views of the wonderful London riverbanks and skyline.

When the Queen is onboard, the Royal Standard and regalia are displayed and Her Majesty is always accompanied by her bargemaster, along with eight Royal Watermen in full ceremonial dress standing on the fore deck. The Royal Nore is the perfect setting for a regal river experience.


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seated standing
capacity 16 30

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