Jamie Oliver’s ‘Fabulous Feasts’ | Woods’ Silver Fleet

Jamie Oliver’s Fabulous Feasts

Fresh, local dishes developed by Jamie Oliver and his team, perfectly cooked and served with passion.

Jamie Oliver is a world famous chef and his flagship restaurant 15 is based right here in London. Together with Fabulous Feasts, his catering company, Woods’ Silver Fleet have formed the perfect partnership. Aside from serving the exciting, ever popular dishes that have made Jamie famous around the world, he tirelessly campaigns for better food that’s sustainably grown and responsibly sourced.

The chefs onboard Woods’ Silver Fleet use local, fresh ingredients wherever possible – whether it’s lambs fed on clover and chicory from small farms, or traditional British fruits and vegetables from local suppliers.  All the dishes from the menu have been developed and inspired by Jamie Oliver’s team and then lovingly styled exclusively for Woods’. Jamie and his team expand on the Woods’ ethos of caring for the environment and championing the best that British suppliers have to offer, while serving up delicious food with flavours that will blow you away.

Based on a shared passion for delivering something exciting and new to event catering, Fabulous Feasts is a partnership between Jamie and fresh food expert Nigel Harris. Together they have created a unique set of ever-changing menus that concentrates on sourcing the best food from great producers and adding Jamie’s creative twist to create truly fabulous dishes!

Jamie Oliver has changed the way we approach food in Britain today. His restaurant 15 is a social innovation creating many jobs. He himself is a British institution famous all over the world. His Better Food Foundation has given underprivileged youngsters a chance to shine in the hospitality trade (Jamie’s charity restaurant group ‘Fifteen’ has branches in London, Cornwall and Amsterdam), helped rewrite the rules on how and what we feed our children though campaigns such as Jamie’s School Dinners, and taught thousands of people to cook through his cookery schools, books and TV shows.