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Performance Dance


Probably the last thing you would expect to see performed onboard the Woods’ Silver Fleet, with the large sets and entourage that often accompany ballet productions. However, this all changed on Thursday 22nd May when The English National Ballet presented a short performance aboard The Silver Sturgeon for one of their corporate sponsors.

James Forbat and Adela Ramirez performed the gorgeous Trois Gnossiennes, with music by Eric Satie. This wonderful piece, a moving duet which traces the dancers’ relationship as it develops from initial weariness to final harmony, was performed on the expansive inner deck. The dancers, despite the motion of the boat on the sometimes choppy Thames water performed beautifully. The dancers were breathtaking with lifts and precision that are usually only witnessed in the likes of the Royal Opera House, and this performance was a truly spectacular way to start an event.

Specialist Acts

Woods’ Silver Fleet want to give their clients the opportunity to enjoy the wildest range of entertainment whilst hosting their event. That is why a variety of Cabaret Shows and Flamenco/Latin American dance shows are available for bookings to bring that extra razzmatazz to the evening.