The Silver Sturgeon | Woods' Silver Fleet

Other Extras


A dramatic way to mark a celebration or the end of an evening in the setting of London’s famous Landmarks.

Celebrity look-alikes

Guaranteed to make a big impact to your event. Look-alikes ranging from Marilyn Monroe to David Beckham.

Henna tattoos

Hire an artist to create stunning temporary henna or paint on tattoos.

Powder Puff Girls

Pamper your guests and make sure they look and feel fabulous all evening by hiring the girls from ‘Powder Puff’.

Three Waiters

Involves three talented and highly entertaining opera singers dressed and hoaxing as ‘real’ waiters before grouping together to take the audience through a highly amusing, yet sophisticated show. A great surprise and a highly entertaining addition to any event.

Ice Sculptures

Spectacular frozen works of art that can be sculpted to a particular theme or company logo.

Cocktail Bars

How about hiring a dramatic oval, round, scalloped or square bar with unique backlit back bars with white perspex or mirrored bartops? Professional cocktail barmen can add great theatre to your event – making fabulous cocktails and serving your guests from the bar impressing with their flair and juggling skills.

Vodka Luges

Pour your favourite spirit (traditionally Vodka or Schnapps) through the channel or hole in the ice carving and catch it with your mouth at the opposite end. These luges can be carved to any shape or size; why not try a ski jump, a male or female torso or even incorporate your company logo in ice to enhance your brand?

Chocolate Fountains

The Original Chocolate Fountain provides a delicious and visually stunning addition to any occasion – Belgian chocolate flows down the tiers of a metre-high fountain. Guests can choose from freshly prepared strawberries, pineapples, kiwi fruit, profiteroles, homemade fudge and marshmallows to dip into the curtains of melted chocolate. The fountains are also available to hire with stationary neon light boxes, turn-table features and figure-of-eight displays.

Wine Tasting

Whether at an informal standing networking reception or as a seated show to impress your most ‘entertainment weary’ clients; the shows are a gentle blend of theatre, comedy and interactive instruction. They are designed to have guests interacting with one another throughout and not listening to a lecture (!) and are each tailored to suit the type of event, guests and the vessel chosen.


Delicious fresh cakes are ideal for birthday parties, company anniversaries and celebrations.