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On the Pier


A pair of flaming torches set up close to the boarding door of your vessel (Savoy Pier only). If you like the idea and look of flambeaux for your event, the Woods’ Silver Fleet organising team have an exciting range of options for you. Why not try the latest Giant Glowing Balloons to light your way this year? These have been very popular at high profile events in recent times and were exceptionally striking at the Cannes Film Festival and at the huge Chanel launch.

Giant Glowing Balloons

Lead the way from the top of the pier to the door of the vessel with contemporary lighting balloons. At Woods’ Silver Fleet we are able to cater to your needs and our glowing balloon designs can be specially branded with your logo, in a variety of colours. These can be great eye catchers for that all important business meeting.  (Savoy Pier only).

Circus Performers

The perfect start to a fun-packed evening of entertainment and frivolity. The traditional circus acts that everybody loves. From acrobats to jugglers and fire eaters and sword swallows.

A fun welcome, as guests board using performers on the pier to set the scene for your event. Also suitable inside the river room or on the sun deck of The Silver Sturgeon.

Paparazzi Experience

Add some drama and adrenalin to your event. Let your guests feel the experience of being the star on the red carpet at a premiere. Take them back to the days of the silver screen sirens and macho men. Treat them like film stars with a paparazzi celebrity welcome, and then carry on with the fun.