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Casino Tables

Treat your guests to the excitement and the thrill of the chase as they witness the ball spinning against the black and red.  Where will it land?  Will you be a winner?

Lay your cards on the table!  Tingle with anticipation as you wait for the dealer to deal you that possible winning card!

The ever popular Roulette or Blackjack tables can be played purely for fun or are great for a charity fundraiser.  Our packages include a croupier, a magnum of Champagne for the winners of events, along with  gaming chips and Silver Fleet fun money for all to enjoy.


Bring back memories of those childhood games, but on a grand scale.  Even adopt the mindset of a James Bond villain with a game of giant size chess.

Have hours of fun moving chess or draughts pieces as large as a person or take it in turns to remove bricks with giant size Jenga or the 80’s classic Connect Four. Put your team in gear with an 8 lane Scalextric track or jump in the driving seat with our funtastic racing car simulator arcade games.