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Our ethos

In tune with our environment

For over 100 years, the Woods’ family have been working on The River Thames, and Woods’ Silver Fleet remains committed to protecting and enhancing the river and its natural environment. Maintaining The Thames as an alternative means of transport is only part of the story.

Harnessing the natural power of river tides, Woods’ Silver Fleet are able to burn less fuel, reducing environmental impact, whilst the building of a new Savoy Pier, has been carefully scheduled to take place around the fish spawning season. This measure was taken deliberately to protect species specific to the river.

Fifth generation Thames Waterman and managing director, Tom Woods, knows every ebb and flow of this great riverscape and a new partnership with ‘Fabulous Feasts’ by Jamie Oliver, allows Woods’ Silver Fleets’ river yachts to serve fresh, locally sourced seasonal food on board. Fabulous Feasts is the perfect partner for Woods’ Silver Fleet, completely in keeping with our ethos of sustainability and responsibility, providing made to measure events, unique in style and character for each private charter client.

Crew uniforms all from Henri Lloyd’s Expand Blue Eco Range

It was the launch of this Blue Eco collection in 2010 that saw Henri Lloyd become the first international marine clothing company to engage in an infinite recycling programme. In turn this marked the start of what Henri Lloyd considered to be an important journey to reduce the environmental impact of their operations and act as a catalyst for others in the industry to follow suit.

Since the original launch Henri Lloyd have built upon its expertise and produced a wider choice of performance sailing wear using the same ‘infinite loop’ system  including the Blue Eco Bomber Jacket, Fleece Jacket,  Fleece Hat, Fleece Scarf, Neck Gaiter and Fleece Gloves, all worn by Woods’ Silver Fleet crew.

The Blue Eco products are all manufactured using highly functional TP Eco recycled polyester fabric developed by Teijin, a Japanese company specialising in developing environmentally friendly products and services.

Using ECO CIRCLE™ (Teijin’s revolutionary recycling system) Henri Lloyd were able to produce the first ever, entirely sustainable sailing wear through its own Blue Eco ‘infinite-loop’ recycling system.

“Jamie Oliver’s distinctive style of menus aboard focus on a celebration of all that the great British table has to offer. Rather than trends and gimmicks, Jamie’s menus take their cue from foods at their seasonal best, matched with all that flavour and delicious simplicity can bring to a meal – the pleasure is all in the eating.” Tom Woods.